Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About Us . . .

In its continuing effort to propagate its advocacy of bonding people and help support non-profit organizations attain its goal through digital technology, The 28th Multi-Media Philippines, after embarking into different projects propagating interfaith developmental advocacies such as: Isabela.com, the Power of Your Love.com, The Good Samaritan.com, now embarks on another mission: "The Knights of the Altar" . The Knights of the Altar was actually the name given to the Altar Boys of Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, otherwise known as the Baguio City Cathedral. Its members consists of high school students from the different schools of Baguio City. Its former President is now serving in a Church somewhere in Isabela, under the Diocese of Ilagan whose present Bishop is actually from Mankayan in the Cordillera, the first Capuchin Bishop in the country, no other than His Emminence Joseph A. Nacua, what a co-incidence (it might have been divine).

We were informed by Denver Tiukeng, incumbent President of the Knights of the Altar and Chairman of the Ministry of Altar Services that they are voluntarily serving the Cathedral and spends their own money if they would like to have an activity. To raise funds and develop the talents of their members, Tiukeng established the Knights of the Altar Choir to serve and render services for weddings and special occassion. Tiukeng himslef has been an altar boy for the last ten ten (10) years since he was in grade five. He is already in his third year college as Mass Communication student at St. Luios University when he stopped schooling for financial reasons. He wanted to study film and broadcast production and has, in fact, produced some presentations he uploaded in You Tube. Accordingly, the 28th Multi-Media Philippines put up this site to call on public's attention for those who wish to help and support these children under Tiukeng. The 28th Multi-Media Philippines likewise intends to indulge into a DVD production to produce an MTV of these children with their music.

We also made this site to promote other services and products in Baguio City and the City itself by providing FREE SITES to our friends, who could someday support the projects of these children as well as to develop their talents. It was providential that Tiukeng, is a Mass Communication student, who has been serving the Cathedral for more than ten (10) years. This project was envisioned also to help these children under Tiukeng's guidance to develop their talents and skills in Information Technology, digital arts and communication, to promote developmental advocacies, products, services and resources; and, to bond family, people, religion and society towards the common good.

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